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 * Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Stig Venaas <venaas@uninett.no>
 * Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any
 * purpose with or without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above
 * copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies.

#include "tlv11.h"
#include "radmsg.h"
#include "gconfig.h"

#define DEBUG_LEVEL 2

#define CONFIG_MAIN "/etc/radsecproxy.conf"

/* MAX_REQUESTS must be 256 due to Radius' 8 bit ID field */
#define MAX_REQUESTS 256
#define MAX_CERT_DEPTH 5
#define IDLE_TIMEOUT 300

/* 27262 is vendor DANTE Ltd. */
#define DEFAULT_TTL_ATTR "27262:1"

#define RAD_UDP 0
#define RAD_TLS 1
#define RAD_TCP 2
#define RAD_DTLS 3

struct options {
    char *logdestination;
    char *ttlattr;
    uint32_t ttlattrtype[2];
    uint8_t addttl;
    uint8_t loglevel;
    uint8_t loopprevention;

struct commonprotoopts {
    char **listenargs;
    char *sourcearg;

struct request {
    struct timeval created;
    uint32_t refcount;
    uint8_t *buf, *replybuf;
    struct radmsg *msg;
    struct client *from;
    struct server *to;
    char *origusername;
    uint8_t rqid;
    uint8_t rqauth[16];
    uint8_t newid;
    int udpsock; /* only for UDP */
    uint16_t udpport; /* only for UDP */

/* requests that our client will send */
struct rqout {
    pthread_mutex_t *lock;
    struct request *rq;
    uint8_t tries;
    struct timeval expiry;

struct gqueue {
    struct list *entries;
    pthread_mutex_t mutex;
    pthread_cond_t cond;

struct clsrvconf {
    char *name;
    uint8_t type; /* RAD_UDP/RAD_TLS/RAD_TCP */
    const struct protodefs *pdef;
    char **hostsrc;
    char *portsrc;
    struct list *hostports;
    char *secret;
    char *tls;
    char *matchcertattr;
    regex_t *certcnregex;
    regex_t *certuriregex;
    char *confrewritein;
    char *confrewriteout;
    char *confrewriteusername;
    struct modattr *rewriteusername;
    char *dynamiclookupcommand;
    uint8_t statusserver;
    uint8_t retryinterval;
    uint8_t retrycount;
    uint8_t dupinterval;
    uint8_t certnamecheck;
    uint8_t addttl;
    struct rewrite *rewritein;
    struct rewrite *rewriteout;
    pthread_mutex_t *lock; /* only used for updating clients so far */
    struct tls *tlsconf;
    struct list *clients;
    struct server *servers;

#include "tlscommon.h"

struct client {
    struct clsrvconf *conf;
    int sock;
    SSL *ssl;
    struct request *rqs[MAX_REQUESTS];
    struct gqueue *replyq;
    struct gqueue *rbios; /* for dtls */
    struct sockaddr *addr;
    time_t expiry; /* for udp */

struct server {
    struct clsrvconf *conf;
    int sock;
    SSL *ssl;
    pthread_mutex_t lock;
    pthread_t clientth;
    uint8_t clientrdgone;
    struct timeval lastconnecttry;
    struct timeval lastreply;
    uint8_t connectionok;
    uint8_t lostrqs;
    uint8_t dynstartup;
    char *dynamiclookuparg;
    int nextid;
    struct timeval lastrcv;
    struct rqout *requests;
    uint8_t newrq;
    pthread_mutex_t newrq_mutex;
    pthread_cond_t newrq_cond;
    struct gqueue *rbios; /* for dtls */

struct realm {
    char *name;
    char *message;
    uint8_t accresp;
    regex_t regex;
    uint32_t refcount;
    pthread_mutex_t mutex;
    struct realm *parent;
    struct list *subrealms;
    struct list *srvconfs;
    struct list *accsrvconfs;

struct modattr {
    uint8_t t;
    char *replacement;
    regex_t *regex;

struct rewrite {
    uint8_t *removeattrs;
    uint32_t *removevendorattrs;
    struct list *addattrs;
    struct list *modattrs;

struct protodefs {
    char *name;
    char *secretdefault;
    int socktype;
    char *portdefault;
    uint8_t retrycountdefault;
    uint8_t retrycountmax;
    uint8_t retryintervaldefault;
    uint8_t retryintervalmax;
    uint8_t duplicateintervaldefault;
    void (*setprotoopts)(struct commonprotoopts *);
    char **(*getlistenerargs)();
    void *(*listener)(void*);
    int (*connecter)(struct server *, struct timeval *, int, char *);
    void *(*clientconnreader)(void*);
    int (*clientradput)(struct server *, unsigned char *);
    void (*addclient)(struct client *);
    void (*addserverextra)(struct clsrvconf *);
    void (*setsrcres)();
    void (*initextra)();

#define RADLEN(x) ntohs(((uint16_t *)(x))[1])

#define ATTRTYPE(x) ((x)[0])
#define ATTRLEN(x) ((x)[1])
#define ATTRVAL(x) ((x) + 2)
#define ATTRVALLEN(x) ((x)[1] - 2)

struct clsrvconf *find_clconf(uint8_t type, struct sockaddr *addr, struct list_node **cur);
struct clsrvconf *find_srvconf(uint8_t type, struct sockaddr *addr, struct list_node **cur);
struct clsrvconf *find_clconf_type(uint8_t type, struct list_node **cur);
struct client *addclient(struct clsrvconf *conf, uint8_t lock);
void removelockedclient(struct client *client);
void removeclient(struct client *client);
struct gqueue *newqueue();
void freebios(struct gqueue *q);
struct request *newrequest();
void freerq(struct request *rq);
int radsrv(struct request *rq);
void replyh(struct server *server, unsigned char *buf);
struct addrinfo *resolve_hostport_addrinfo(uint8_t type, char *hostport);

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